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Frigidaire Gallery 4 Smudge-Proof STAINLESS APPLIANCE : 1.7CF OTR MW 300 CFM, 26CF Side by Side Refrigerator External Ice/Water Dispenser Energy Star, Continuous Corner-to-Corner Grates 5brs Gas Range Quick Bake Convection Oven, 52 dBA Fully Integrated OrbitClean Dishwasher
Model Number: FGGF3036TF FGMV176NTF FGID2466QF FGSS2635TF

FGGF3036TF FGMV176NTF FGID2466QF FGSS2635TF Regular Price: $ 3796.00
Your Price: $ 2249.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 400.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 1849.00
You Save: $ 1947.00

Frigidaire Professional 4 SMUDGE-PROOF STAINLESS STEEL PKG : Gas Range CONVECTION Oven, 1.8CF 2-In-1 Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Oven 400CFM, Built-In Dishwasher STAINLESS INTERIOR 47 dB ENERGY STAR, 26 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator Energy Save
Model Number: FPGF3077QF FPBM3077RF FPID2498SF FPSS2677RF

FPGF3077QF FPBM3077RF FPID2498SF FPSS2677RF Regular Price: $ 5696.00
Your Price: $ 3699.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 599.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 3100.00
You Save: $ 2596.00

Frigidaire 4 Stainless Steel APPLIANCE PACKAGE : 5-element Electric Smoothtop Range Oven, 1.6CF OTR MW 220 CFM, 55 dBA Dishwasher Energy Star, 25.5cf Side By Side Refrigerator
Model Number: FFEF3052TS FFMV1645TS FFBD2412SS FFSS2615TS

FFEF3052TS FFMV1645TS FFBD2412SS FFSS2615TS Regular Price: $ 2896.00
Your Price: $ 1869.00
You Save: $ 1027.00

GE Profile 4 Stainless Steel PKG: 42 DBA Fully Integrated Dishwasher Stainless Steel Interior ENERGY STAR, 5ELE ELECTRIC RANGE True European Convection Oven, 2.1CF OTR MW 400CFM LED Bottom control Surface Light, 25.4CF Side by Side Refrigerator Arctica icemaker and Water Dispenser Energy Star

PB911SJSS PVM9005SJSS PDT845SSJSS PSE25KSHSS Regular Price: $ 5146.00
Your Price: $ 4249.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 450.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 3799.00
You Save: $ 1347.00

GE 4 STAINLESS APPLIANCE PKG: 5ELE Smoothtop Electric Range True European Convection Oven, 1.9CF OTR MW 400 CFM, Dishwasher 48 dBA Stainless Interior Energy Star, 25.4 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser

JB750SJSS JVM7195SKSS GDF570SSJSS GSE25HSHSS Regular Price: $ 3766.00
Your Price: $ 2749.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 350.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2399.00
You Save: $ 1367.00

LG 4 STAINLESS STEEL PACKAGE: 5ELE Smoothtop Electric Range 6.3CF True Convection Oven, ENERGY STAR Fully Integrated Dishwasher 46 dBA Stainless Interior, 1.7CF OTR MW 300CFM, 26.2CF Side-by-Side Refrigerator In Door Ice Maker External Ice/Water Dispenser
Model Number: LRE3193ST LMV1762ST LDT5665ST LSXS26326S

LRE3193ST LMV1762ST LDT5665ST LSXS26326S Regular Price: $ 3816.00
Your Price: $ 2779.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 700.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2079.00
You Save: $ 1737.00

Samsung 4 STAINLESS STEEL PKG: 5BRS GAS Griddle RANGE 5.8CF Convection OVEN, 1.8cf OTR MW 400CFM, Dishwasher 48 DBA Stormwash ENERGY STAR, 28.5 cu. ft. Side by Side Food ShowCase Door Refrigerator
Model Number: NX58H5600SS ME18H704SFS DW80K5050US RH29H9000SR

NX58H5600SS ME18H704SFS DW80K5050US RH29H9000SR Regular Price: $ 5196.00
Your Price: $ 3249.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 750.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2499.00
You Save: $ 2697.00