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Frigidaire 4 Stainless Steel APPLIANCE PACKAGE: 26.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator External Ice/Water Dispenser, 55db Dishwasher, Professional 1.8CF OTR MW 350 CFM, Gallery Smoothtop Electric Range 5 Elements 5.7CF CONVECTION OVEN Temperature Probe
Model Number: FGEF3035RF FPBM189KF FFBD2411NS FFHB2740PS

FGEF3035RF FPBM189KF FFBD2411NS FFHB2740PS Regular Price: $ 4336.00
Your Price: $ 2814.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 315.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2499.00
You Save: $ 1837.00

Frigidaire 4PCS STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCE PACKAGE: GAS RANGE SELFCLEAN OVEN, 1.6CF OTR MW 300CFM, Fully Integrated Dishwasher 55dba ENERGY STAR, 18CF Top Freezer Refrigerator Reversible Door (OPTIONAL ICE MAKER $59)
Model Number: FFGF3053LS FFMV164LS FFID2423RS FFTR18G2QS

FFGF3053LS FFMV164LS FFID2423RS FFTR18G2QS Regular Price: $ 2746.00
Your Price: $ 1749.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 200.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 1549.00
You Save: $ 1197.00

GE 4 STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCE PACKAGE :5BRS Gas Range 6.8CF Convection Double Oven, Fully Integrated Dishwasher Stainless Steel Interior, 1.5CF Over-the-Range Microwave 300 CFM, 27.7CF French-Door Refrigerator External Water Dispenser Dual Ice Maker

JGB860SEJSS JVM3150SFSS GDT580SSFSS GFE28HSHSS Regular Price: $ 5618.00
Your Price: $ 4069.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 200.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 3869.00
You Save: $ 1749.00

GE 4 STAINLESS APPLIANCE PKG: 25.4 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser, Fully Integrated Dishwasher 51 dBA Steam, 30 inchW Smoothtop Electric Cooktop, 27 inchW 4.3CF Electric Wall Oven

JP3030SJSS JK3000SFSS GDT545PSJSS GSE25HSHSS Regular Price: $ 4499.00
Your Price: $ 3369.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 200.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 3169.00
You Save: $ 1330.00

LG 4 STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCE PKG: 26.2CF Side-by-Side Refrigerator In Door Ice Maker External Ice/Water Dispenser, 1.6CF OTR MW 300CFM, Dishwasher Stainless Steel Interior Energy Star 50 dBA, Gas Double Oven Range Probake Convection
Model Number: LDG4313ST LMV1683ST LDS5040ST LSXS26326S

LDG4313ST LMV1683ST LDS5040ST LSXS26326S Regular Price: $ 4166.00
Your Price: $ 3149.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 450.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2699.00
You Save: $ 1467.00

LG 4 STAINLESS APPLIANCE PKG: 5ELE Smoothtop Electric Range 6.3CF True Convection Oven, 1.8CF OTR MW 300CFM, 48DBA Dishwasher Stainless Interior, 24.7CF French Door Refrigerator Dual Ice Makers External Ice/Water Dispenser
Model Number: LRE3083ST LMV1831ST LDS5540ST LFX25973ST

LRE3083ST LMV1831ST LDS5540ST LFX25973ST Regular Price: $ 4446.00
Your Price: $ 3249.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 550.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2699.00
You Save: $ 1747.00

Samsung 4 STAINLESS STEEL PKG: 5BRS Continuous Matte Grates Gas Griddle Range Self Clean with Steam Oven, 1.6cf OTR MW 300CFM, Stainless Interior 48db Fully Integrated Dishwasher, 24.5 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator External Filtered Ice/Water Dispenser
Model Number: NX58F5500SS ME16H702SES DW80F600UTS RS25J500DSR

NX58F5500SS ME16H702SES DW80F600UTS RS25J500DSR Regular Price: $ 3316.00
Your Price: $ 2499.00 - Mail-In Rebate $ 200.00
Final Price after rebate: $ 2299.00
You Save: $ 1017.00